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Aadhaar Card Unique Identification Method in India

Writer, Vaishnav Kumar Yadav is living in India. Vaishnav Kumar Yadav is part of our authors community.

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Aadhaar Card is the name given by Government of India to the Unique Identification Number bearing card, issued by Government of India to every Indian citizen, residing in India. It is the world’s largest biometric ID system for nation’s resident citizens. Each of these Aadhaar cards has one twelve digit identification number issued by Government of India to that particular Indian individual, bearing that particular card.

This activity of allocating a unique identification number to each Indian citizen is controlled by Unique Identification Authority of India, otherwise known as UIDAI. It was established on July 12th, 2016. This is a central government department that was functioning under Planning Commission of India. Now it is a part of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. This department has been given total responsibility of managing Aadhaar numbers and Aadhaar identification cards.

How Aadhaar project started?

Aadhaar project was an effort of Indian Government to create a single Unique Identification Document for every resident citizen of India, which carries all his/her details, demographic data, biometric information, and allocate a number to that particular Unique Identification Document. This was called Unique Identification Number for that person. This later was renamed as Aadhaar number and Aadhaar card.

This project started in the month of January, 2009. The first Aadhaar card or UID was issued in September 2010.

Why Aadhaar card?

Aadhaar card was an attempt by the nation to eliminate all possibilities of fake or duplicate identities in the country. It was a matter of national security and nation’s protection. This UID card is so designed that it could be verified anywhere in the country by a simple, economic, online process. The Government of India plans to issue this robust Unique Identification Number to every resident Indian Citizen. As on Aug 15th, 2017, 1,171 billion Aadhaar cards have already been issued to Indian citizens.

How Aadhaar card can be applied for?

It is indeed very simple to apply for an Aadhaar card. One needs to go to his/her nearest Aadhaar card center. Complete details and biometric information will be collected there and the applicant will receive information of his/her Aadhaar card being issued by e-mail or SMS service. The person needs to visit the official website of UIDAI to get the details online and can download this card on hard copy for his/her records.

Benefits provided by Aadhaar card to the card holder.

Aadhaar card is beneficial to the card holder as it simplifies many bureaucratic procedures and facilitates receipt of citizen’s rights. A person can use Aadhaar number for:

  • Payment of his/her income tax online.
  • New passport preparation and receipt within 10 days of application.
  • Instant opening of a new bank account in any bank.
  • Pensioners to get his/her pension money on time.
  • UID is the digital life certificate facility for pensioners who need to produce a life certificate every year.
  • Provident Fund money disbursement is done in quickest possible way.
  • Receiving government subsidies such as LPG, directly in bank account.

Aadhaar Cards are not exactly only a national ID for Indian Citizens. It has made life easy for them in many aspects.

Writer, Vaishnav Kumar Yadav is living in India. Vaishnav Kumar Yadav is part of our authors community.

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