What the Karnataka election means to people from the Northeast living there

We may not be a big vote bank, but then, numbers don’t decide the actual success of a polity. People do.

“How do people from the Northeast feel about life in Bangalore?”

I was asked this question over the phone while I was at a police station, trying to help file an FIR for a molestation victim from the Northeast. That alone answers the above question.

Karnataka will begin voting in less than 12 hours. While most people living in the state may not be participating directly in the polls, there is a lot at stake for us, too.

It’s another matter that at the moment, for all parties in the state, it’s all about “Kannadiga pride”. They don’t feel the need to make a special mention of the “outsiders” living here. Nevertheless, we have been watching the election closely.

I came to Bangalore 27 years ago, but every year, hundreds from across the eight states of the Northeast come to Karnataka for employment and education.

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