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Sentiments on Islam’s Political System

Ribuan umat Islam melakukan zikir dan doa bersama saat Aksi Bela Islam III di kawasan silang Monas, Jakarta, Jumat (2/12). Aksi tersebut menuntut kepada aparat penegak hukum untuk segera menuntaskan kasus dugaan penistaan agama. ANTARA FOTO/M Agung Rajasa/aww/16.

A political system is a structure of politics and administration. It is usually associated with the legal system, economic system, cultural system, and other social structures. Many suggestions show a clear distinction between two classes of rulings in the Islamic system of law founded on the Quran and Sunnah. The first arrangements with principles, adoration, and morals, and it is branded by full and secure judgments. The another agreement with levies, worldly matters, and changing settings, and it has fewer comprehensive decisions. It also relies more heavily on overall values and values in judgment to the first class.

The field of politics, state supremacy, and general management is ruled by universal maxims and not by thorough rulings found in documented sources. In Islam, we have an exact political system-neither by name, nor by any legitimate framework, nor by any legal preparation. It realizes that this angers some noble people who are self-justifying over the religion; they might think this reduces from the comprehensiveness of Islam and its Islamic law, which is appropriate for all times and places.

The political system which was the term of Islam is based on three values: the unity of Allah, Prophet hood and Ecclesiastic It is difficult to rise the different topographies of Islamic polity without fully concerned these three values.

Islam is an “entire way of life.” It has providing leadership in every sphere of life, from separate hygiene, rules of skill, to the assembly and governments of the society. Islam can never be detached from social, political, or economic life since religion delivers moral guidance for every action that a person takes. The main act of faith is to strive to devise God’s will in both isolated and public life. Muslims see that they, themselves, as well as the world everywhere them, must be in the total suggestion to God and his Will.

Moreover, they know that this thought of His rule must be well-known on earth in order to create a just culture. Like other, Muslims have been called into an agreement relationship with God, making them a public of advocates who must serve as a sample of other states by creating a moral communal order. God tells the Muslim worldwide nation: “You are the best communal the Improper thing” Finished olden times, being a Muslim has raised for men, enjoining the right and hostile meant not only appropriate to a religious community of fellow groups but also living below the Islamic Rule. For Islamic Law is supposed to be a delay of God’s total power.

God is the Only Self-governing

  • God is the absolute self-governing in Islam and is, therefore, the only Lord of heaven and earth.

The Departure of Recognized Religion & the State

As we have stated, in Islam God is acknowledged the sole sovereign of human businesses, so there has never been a dissimilarity between religious and state specialist

The dream of an Islamic state, Political system and the purpose of its political consultant is to apply the divine law. Thus, the perfect Islamic state is a public governed by the Law exposed by God. This does not involve that such a state is unavoidably a theocracy under the direct rule of the erudite men of religion, nor is it a dictatorship that vests total power in the ruler.

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