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It Is An Economic Battle, Pankaj Deb

Writer, Pankaj Deb is living in India. Pankaj Deb is part of our authors community.

The time in which we are living has turned out to be far more difficult than what it used to be earlier on. Now, boundaries of Nations have shrank and population has exploded. People fight every-day to earn their living. The competition has grown scariest, dirtiest and wildest than ever before. New taxation rules imposed by governments and newly introduced sanctions build up the pressure. People are living in uncertainties and looking forward to a future that they don’t know would lead them where. But, the struggle is on, the battle is on, in an everyday basis. Migrants, legally or illegally, finding an entry in a Nation, further aid to build on the pressure that ordinary people endure on a daily basis. The reason is they too start to claim on the share of income that the economy of a Nation offers to its citizens. It leads to a very cruel survival strategy of the underdogs when they start to play.

Whenever a State falls due to its internal disturbances, war, terrorism or any other reason, it builds immense pressure on its neighbouring States economically. The reason is mass immigration results, mass migration sets forth. The only way this can be controlled is to stop Nations from falling, help Nations accept their people as their own, emphasize on State principles that work and can prevent states from failing. It is tested and seen that only Democratic principles help a State to survive and become a successful Nation. But, even then, if ever there appears a destabilization, then the pillars of democracy should be further strengthened because it is only a vibrant Democracy that can help a Nation emerge successful in its economic battle.

Democracy sets in the environment for business flourishes, sets in the right tone to implement new workable ideas, relieves the pain of economic confinements and economic sanctions. People then can speak of their pain and identify things that are real setbacks for them. Conveying possible solutions of a problem to Government becomes easy. So, mastering on democratic values heaves a Nation out of its traumatized economic state. Adhering to democratic principles can only soften the economic mayhem, but the battle will continue until disparities in life and living remains, corruption prevails, heavy taxation overplays masses in their ordinary lives.

Radical thoughts like emphasis given to local languages, local culture, and interferences by religious Gurus with their extreme religious ideologies will only further strangulate economic prosperity and growth. It is wise for a Nation to promote ‘liberty’ and give its citizens the opportunity to practice what they desire to. It results in personal fulfillment and opens new avenues for economic diversification. Only then Nations with distraught economies, stifled economies will start to feel a stress-relief as their economies will start to expand. When the cake itself becomes larger in size, then it is obvious that everyone will have a pie to share and will derive satisfaction. Nations of the world will have to emphasize on personal interests, satisfaction, and skill development to help their economies further expand.

The author talks about the economic battle of ordinary people and suggests solutions that would elevate economic stress.