From being ‘no one’, BJP has ‘won’: PM Modi

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After BJP’s spectacular win in both Tripura and Nagaland Assembly Elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed his party members at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi and congratulated them for astounding results.

Prime Minister Modi during his speech at the BJP HQ said that so many BJP karyakartas have sacrificed their lives. The Left party has received a befitting reply for spreading ‘Bhay’ and ‘Bhram’ among people in Tripura.

Hitting out at Left for not accepting the defeat in Tripura, PM remarked that to win or to lose in elections are a part of democracy. That is the beauty of democracy. One must accept their defeat with a sporting spirit.

“The saffron wave has swept the north east. When a sun sets, its colour is also red,” the PM said, drawing a parallel to the end of the Left’s 25-year-rule in Tripura.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister said, “In vastu also, the north east position is very important. According to vastu shastra, north east is the most auspicious side. I am happy that north east is now a part of our Development journey. With the north east now taken care of, the foundation for the rest of the country has automatically become solid.”

Assuring the citizens of north east that the centre will be at their back, PM Modi said that the people of north east used to feel that New Delhi is too far away for them. But we have created a situation with DoNER ministry that brought Delhi to their doorstep. We sent more ministers to north east in the last 4 years than any other government since independence.

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