BJP chief ministerial candidate B S Yeddyurappa has been invited to take oath as the state’s CM. So it’s final now- B S Yeddyurappa has taken oath as the Chief Minister of Karnataka. The midnight Supreme Court antics of the opposition failed miserably, as the highest court of the land upheld the Governor’s decision, giving the BJP’s chief ministerial candidate the go-ahead to form the government. Although, Congress’ petition will be heard again this morning, Yeddyurappa would have been sworn in by then. Any analyst worth his salt can tell you that after Yeddyurappa assumes the chief ministership, it is very unlikely that anyone else will get a chance for a long time.

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This puts to rest several debates, accusations, charges and counter-charges that both sides traded. Both sides quoted the law selectively, pointed at precedence, and exposed the other sides hypocrisy. But the Supreme Court’s ruling point is that there is only one parameter- the governor’s prerogative. This explains why the opposition has no right to question the governor, as well as why governors in other states were right when they invited coalitions to form the government instead of the single largest party. Ultimately, it all comes down to whether the government in power has the support of a majority of MLAs or not. In most instances, the governor’s assessment of the situation has been right.

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