जेल में फांसी पर झूला पत्नी का हत्यारोपी, परिजनों का हंगामा!

दो वर्ष से जिला कारागार में बंद पत्नी के हत्यारोपी ने देर रात फांसी लगाकर अपनी जान दे दी। पुलिस ने शव को पोस्टमॉर्टम के लिए भिजवाया। बंदी के परिजनों ने जेल प्रशासन को मौत का जिम्मेदार ठहराया है और मेडिकल थाने में जेल प्रशासन

SH. Rawat appointed New Election Commissioner

The President is pleased to appoint the senior-most Election Commissioner, Shri Om Prakash Rawat as the Chief Election Commissioner in the Election Commission. Shri Om Prakash Rawat will assume the charge of office of the Chief Election Commissioner with effect from the 23rdJanuary, 2018 vice

“Bharat ke Veer”

A ceremony was organized here yesterday to raise funds for the “Bharat ke Veer” fund to assist the families of martyrs of the Central Armed Police Forces. Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh, Ministers of State for Home Affairs, Shri Hansraj Gangaram Ahir and Shri

Ohio’s famous basket building finally SOLD.

After a few years of uncertainty comes news that one of the most eye-catching examples of unconventional architecture in the Midwest won’t be sent packing after all. Built in 1997, the Newark, Ohio, building served as the headquarters for Longaberger Company, shaped to look like

Casuality Evacuation: Tibba Cave

Yesterday, The Siachen Pioneers- 114 HU based at Leh, carried out a daring casevac mission from the far flung reaches of the Zanskar valley in the Ladakh sector. The casualty was part of the “Chadar Trek” organised over the frozen Zanskar river. Inspite of the