In this present era thriving business opportunities in Hong Kong, every big business round the world are much interested to start a commercial venture there. Small businesses and new entrepreneurs are also in search of a favourable chance to start with a limited company in this gateway of China. What is more luring fact for all of them is Hong Kong has an unmatchable access to an expected buyer market of 450 million individuals in southern China alone.

But, formation of a business organisation in any foreign country especially in Hong Kong has so many procedural hurdles. To jump across these hurdles smoothly, you will be in need of an expert consultancy firm based in Hong Kong who knows all ifs and buts about the commercial taxes and business laws, rules and procedure about setting and running a limited company in Hong Kong.

The procedure of Trademark registration in Hong Kong is such a matter that one should know in details after or before incorporation or formation there venture. Country of origin or current address of the applicants seeking the trademark registration is not a disqualifier at all.

Under the Trademark Ordinance law all registered trademarks are well-protected in Hon Kong. Once in the laid procedures your trademark is verified and issued with the certificated of registration you will be the sole user of it and till a period of three years it will remain activated if it is not used by you. If it remains unused it may be cancelled if any application for cancel the same received from any third party even by the competent issuing authority. Further, with your written consent any one whether he is a registered licensee or not can use your trademark. Apart from this, an expert consultant you will be needed to define the categories of your product or business under the Classification of Goods and Services rules. But still, there are so many issues remains like proper method of filing applications for trademark registration like Govt. fees, earlier recognition and intellectual property protection across multiple jurisdictions etc. which is governed and controlled in accordance to Trade Marks Ordinance Cap. 559 followed by Trade Marks Rules, Cap.559A came into force on and from 4th April 2003.

o get your trademark registered without hassles you need an expert professional. JV Consultants Limited has years old record to provide ample assistance in this case.

Procedures for transfer of shares in Hong Kong is another complicated task if anyone do not have the proper idea and knowledge of Company Law. Share Transfer in Hong Kong needs a specialised professional approach to complete any transaction over shares that includes the following formalities and procedures:

  • Preparation of Instrument of Transfer and Bought and Sold Note and minutes of the Board of Director’s Meeting etc. with relevant transfer documents
  • Preparation of such transfer documents for the signature of transferor and transferee
  • Calculation of Stamp Duty
  • Submission of such eligible transfer documents together with the supporting documents before the Stamp Duty Officer for execution
  • Paying stamp duty following exact procedure
  • Preparation of new share certificates and update the Register of Members.
  • Amount of stamp duty is 0.2% on the highest value whichever is applicable among the following
  • On value of shares transferred,
  • Value of net assets of the company
  • Amount of consideration

Apart from the above, there are some more pivotal issues like Hong Kong company tax filing which also can be settled down by an expert consultant like JV Consultants. JV Consultants Limited also offers Hong Kong company account and audit which conforms to existing financial accounting system and company laws.

JV Consultants Limited is competent enough for Hong Kong Company to provide you a much satisfactory support in exchange of a reasonable charge. For a complete corporate package in order to complete all your business related procedures and formalities consult the outstanding performer like JV Consultants Limited in this field only.

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