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LinkedIn India member base doubles in 4 years to hit 50 mn

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn on Tuesday said its India member base has doubled in the past four years to cross 50 million in the country. India is LinkedIn’s fastest-growing and largest market outside the US. Globally, the professional networking platform has over 562 million members. “Our members-first,

Why Wi-Fi connectivity is still limited in India

One of the key reasons for the relatively low Wi-Fi connectivity in India is the limited penetration of home broadband, says an analyst with London-based OpenSignal, which specializes in crowdsourced wireless coverage mapping all over the world. Wi-Fi connectivity in India is still well below

How your phone may be spying on you

Some popular apps on your Android phone may be actively listening to you, monitoring your habits and even secretly taking screenshots of your activity and sending them to third parties, a new study has found. These screenshots and videos of your activity on the screen

How Samsung is gunning for the high-end market with its 2018 range of TVs

Despite facing myriad economic and sociological problems, the fastest growing economy in the world, India, has seen tremendous growth in the consumer tech sphere. After becoming the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market, and recently eclipsing the United States to become the second-most popular place for smartphone

Fingerprint Database of NCRB needs to be expanded, says Minister

‘Compendium of Finger Print equipment – 2018’ released. The Minister of State for Home Affairs Shri Hansraj Gangaram Ahir has said that there is a need to amend the Identification of Prisoners Act 1920, to provide legal authority for taking of finger impressions, photographs and measurements of persons arrested.

Why The New Digital Equipment is Taking The World?

The latest mode of audio and video playing instruments or the digital playing instruments has become the highest craze in present times and it has not left the industries and their listeners behind. The latest technology has put everything on a new height of communication

Technology Trends Shaping Future For Small Businesses

Are you the owner of a small business? Need to look for the bold and innovative moves that lead companies around the world are making to drive success? Technology continues to revolutionise small business, and for those ready to embrace the opportunity, future seems to