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How You Can Develop Your Self-confidence

One of the most important thing that keeps people from chasing their dreams is the lack of self-confidence. The important question that everyone tries to answer is that how can they be able to overcome fear. It is extremely important to have self-confidence but a

How will virtual reality change education?

Virtual Reality is becoming a very popular technology in the wake of high-profile product launches like the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, but because it is still relatively new it may not be something that you have experienced yet. In this blog you will get

Major Ways to Promote Culture And Wellness

However there’s no need to shell out the funds for an on-site massage therapist or fitness center, especially if you’re a startup with fixed budget constraints. Instead, these five ideas promote workplace wellness from a practical, inexpensive standpoint. The emphasis is on enhancing performance and

Unemployment What is Wrong With India’s Engineers

Countless graduating engineers want jobs either in software engineering or core engineering. still, only few have suitable skills to be employed in software or product market, and only 7 per cent can handle core engineering tasks. According to the India’s ministry have around 6000 engineering

Tips to Pass the CSCP Exam

The Certified Supply Chain Professional, or CSCP, exam is one of the most challenging exams for anyone who wants a career in the supply chain field. Not only is the exam a challenge based on the materials covered, but it involves having to answer a

Best New Year Wishes 2018 Apart From Common Wishes

Trilok Singh, Happy New Year 2018 Dear all‼ “Scholarly Writings is a ‘unique vocation’ to serve the truth and hold a mirror to the day today happenings in a society at large scale”. Be Joyful, Be Objective, Be Unbiased, Be Responsible, Be accountable, Be a Nationalist, Be Artistic,

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