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Two more shutters opened at Kerala’s Idukki dam

With the water level at the Idukki dam fast rising, two more shutters of the dam were opened on Friday, said a Kerala Minister. Less rains on Friday though has brought some relief to the state that has seen 27 deaths in rain-related incident in

The Prospect of Renewable Energy in India

Despite being beneficial in accumulating the exact energy, from the various resources, it is highly essential to utilize the alternative natural sources instead of deposited underground minerals. Most of the developing countries still endeavoring to utilize the renewable energy in the attempt of the impoundment

Measures to tackle dust pollution

“The Government has taken several steps to address air pollution which inter alia, include notification of National Ambient Air Quality Standards; setting up of monitoring network for assessment of ambient air quality; introduction of cleaner / alternate fuels like gaseous fuel (CNG, LPG etc.), ethanol

Heavy rains kill 19 people in ‘one week’ in Gujarat

“Heavy rains have caused a total number of 19 deaths in the state since last week. Around 978 persons from across the state, primarily South Gujarat, have been evacuated to safety,” Manoj Kothari, Relief Commissioner, Gujarat, told to reporters on Thursday. As many as 19

UN official highlights climate change-security link

UN Deputy Secretary- General Amina Mohammed on Wednesday highlighted the link between climate change and international peace and security and called for collective action. “The impacts of climate change go well beyond the strictly environmental. Climate change is inextricably linked to some of the most

Heavy rains in south Gujarat

Heavy rains lashed south Gujarat region during the last 24 hours ending Wednesday, caused by cyclonic circulation system over Chhattisgarh and Odisha, disrupting transport services. Out of the 250 odd talukas (blocks) of the state, 99 received a significant amount of rainfall led by Navsari

How do plants reproduce?

Plants reproduce in a variety of ways. Many species build side shoots, from which new plants grow. Plants like mosses and ferns reproduce with the help of spores, which are distributed by the wind and grow to become new plants. ‘Higher plants’ or the seed

Mother Earth She needs our love: Thich Nhat Hanh

This beautiful, bounteous, life-giving planet we call Earth has given birth to each one of us, and each one of us carries the Earth within every cell of our body. The Earth is our mother,nourishing and protecting us in every moment — giving us air