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Why Do Indian Students Go For Medical Courses Abroad?

Medical Courses are highly sought after qualification in the world. And this has taken medical science and research to greater heights. There has been a noted increase in the number of Indian students going aboard for medical courses.

There are many reasons behind this. Competition is too high. The cut-off mark is not negotiable, reservation and most of all corruption. While government colleges are given top priority, private colleges are not far behind. The policies in place, such as state level exams and quotas also complicate the situation.Latest statistics show that India has 460 medical colleges and has the capacity to serve 63,985 students.

These colleges are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). Different states and different colleges and universities have different eligibility criteria and qualifying exams, for example, Haryana PMT, KARNATAKA CET, and Assam CEE etc. Because of such exams and policies, the students are disheartened. It has been observed that students first try to get into government medical colleges. When they are unsuccessful, they opt for private colleges and foreign universities.

  • The disadvantage in private colleges is that the fees are too high and they take a hefty sum before guaranteeing seats to the students. Another noted disadvantage is that there is no government regulation in regards to the private college fee structure. And there is no authorized body to act like a watch dog.
  • There is no transparency and private colleges are not held accountable.Though students have raised their voices about reservation, they haven’t done the same for hefty fees and corruption.
  • Corruption is at the highest level probably this is the reason as to why the government hasn’t shown much interest. There have also been reports about the availability of medical seats but not for students from average or middle-class families.

The seats are for sale. Most parents who are able to afford, prefer sending their children aboard to pursue MBBS in countries like Ukraine, Bangladesh, China, and Philippines. Students have to sit for one qualifying exam and are guaranteed to make it through. Banks have also made it easier through their student loans. Now, going for MBBS aboard is an achievable dream.

Indian students also opt for academic oriented courses such as research and forensic medicine etc.Moreover, there are many advantages for Indian students seeking Medical courses aboard. They get quality education, learn new languages and cultures, try new food, socialize, and adapt to new places.

Author, Nitesh Dgi is living in India. Nitesh Dgi is part of our authors community since and has published 1 post.