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5 E-commerce Check In And Checkout Mistakes You Shouldn’t Ignore

In order to increase web traffic and boost the rate of conversions, the online sellers need to ensure flawless transaction to the customers. The internet users usually avoid fumbling into the lengthy process of form filling. Thus, the first and foremost thing that the eCommerce stores need to ensure an easy check-in and checkout process to their visitors. While the basic optimization techniques are usually taken care of, there are certain common mistakes that is overlooked by the store owners.

Let us discuss some of those mistakes that must not be avoided by the stores in order to make better sales.

Not providing an easy access to the website

The stores must always be oriented towards providing the customers with easy access to the web store. It helps the customers to browse the web store in a better and engaging manner. More often providing the feature of social login also helps the customers in accessing the web store without filling the registration forms again and again. One of the approach is the feature of Social login. It enables the customer to login to web store without having to enter details separately for the web store.

The Social login enables the user to browse the various products, provided by the web stores without signing up separately to the website. The Prestashop Social login plugin provides an option to the seller to direct more traffic to their website. It enables the visitors to sign up to the web stores using their Social Media log in details.

Most of the time people are already logged in to their Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Google, Twitter or Google+. The Plugin is company compatible with multiple platforms. Hence, users can be redirected to the web stores by logging in with any of their registered account details. It makes the customer’s web experience more vivid and engaging, thus increasing the rate of conversions. No instant purchase option The option of making

No instant purchase option The option of making

The option of making instant purchase too proves to be an effective way of getting better conversions. Not providing this option can definitely cost you some conversions. According to a survey about 1 in every 3 customers prefer the option of instant purchase. The process of purchasing can be quite irksome, if the customer has to go through a number of pages in order to select the product to make purchase. Thus, the seller must provide a better purchase option, which can help the customers to make purchase instantly and easily. The Prestashop store owners can now add this functionality on their eCommerce store with the help of Prestashop One Click Checkout addon.

Lengthy checkout process

One of the better means to complete the purchase for the customers is to, provide them with the option of one page checkout. If your are not cutting short the checkout process, then, you are definitely making a big mistake. As, most of the time a customer invests an appreciable amount of their time in making purchase and after that if the customer has to go through a number of pages to fill different options on receiving the product. This may upset the customer and they may cancel the transaction. One page checkout is one such addon that helps the admin take all the information and makes transaction easy for the customers and ultimately offers online shopping a flawless experience for them.

Optimizing carts

As a customer approaches to exit the store, sometime they may not wish to complete the transaction and leave the products in their cart. This gives rise to the number of abandon carts. Thus, the seller must keep a close eye on increasing number of abandon carts and try to reach out to the customers for any specific reason. It helps the store’s to improve their services such that they may keep a close check n number of abandon carts and get better sales.

Exit pop up

One of the better way to tackle a customer who wishes to exit the store is by exit pop ups. The exit pop ups can be popped during the time a customer wishes to exit the store. The web store may provide the customer with various offers and discounts which can be availed by the customers during the course of their stay in the web store.


The checkout and check in features decide the growth of the store up to a large extent. Thus, the store owners must try to be creative and provide the visitors with better options and features in order to engage a better traffic to the web store.

The author has years of experience in the eCommerce plugin development for Magento , OpenCart and PrestaShop platforms, effective checkout strategies and social media marketing for influencing the fortunes of your eCommerce store. His expert tips can certainly help you recover your lost sales opportunity, reduce your shopping cart abandonments and improve your customer engagement by providing you an effective eCommerce checkout module.
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