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Daily Archives: June 12, 2018

Who is a Hindu?

Countless people across the world ask me : “Have you converted to Hinduism?” The question is understandable. After all, people don’t often behold an American woman of Jewish ancestry draped in the saffron robes of a Hindu renunciant. However, although the question is simple, the

The idea behind incorporating yoga into Dance

Sonal Mansingh shares the idea behind incorporating yoga into dance, with Ranjeni A Singh. The dancers gathered onstage to offer prayers to Ganesha as the sonorous voice of the accompanying singer filled the auditorium. But instead of using classical dance mudras,they used yogasana postures to

Caution over macro-data, global cues subdue equity indices

Caution ahead of macro-economic industrial production and inflation data points subdued the key indices of the Indian equity market to trade on a flat-to-positive note during the early morning session on Tuesday. According to market observers, “event risks” associated with the meeting between US President