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Daily Archives: March 25, 2018

Happy Ram Navami 2k18

The celebrations of Rama Navami starts on Gudi Padwa which is the first day of the month of Chaitra. The celebration continues for 9 days and the people do bhajan, kirtan and pray during the celebrations. As you know that, ‘Ram Navami’ is the most

Paths to Improve Your Fashion Look

Women love men whose dress, personality, and overall appearance make a positive impression. Men, in general, like to look good and be in tune with all of the latest fashions for men’s style. There are some men who still think that wearing their old jeans,

A Globally Recognized Framework

Today, schools have started adapting a curriculum that focuses on application and synthesis, apart from repetition. This means that education is now more than just being able to recite definitions from a textbook or explain theories succinctly. Students should be able to apply these lessons through collaborative projects