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Daily Archives: January 16, 2018

Electronic Security: Several Options

Want to enhance your electronic security? If yes there are plenty of options available to you in this regard, so that you don’t worry about anything. Electronic Security is a popular term used by a number of people on the internet worldwide. People believe that

Tips for Short Story

Most short story authors write stories because they want their stories to be read. And they want their stories to be read by the masses. It’s a fair expectation from an author that her work is read by thousands and millions. Many authors write us

Social Status

The ways we choose to present ourselves to other people also give clues as to our social status, which is the position we occupy in a particular setting. In a doctor’s office, the doctor occupies one status, the nurse another, and the receptionist still another.

Principles of Philosophy, Rene Descartes

His lifetime, Rene Descartes was known throughout Europe as a leading contemporary scientist. He developed one of the most plausible versions of the new mechanistic, mathematical accounts of the world and used it to provide thorough explanations in the fields of optics, cosmology, physics, physiology,