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Varanasi residents flaunt ‘Har Dil Mein Modi’ T-shirts, heap praise on Centre’s progressive schemes

Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency is gearing up for polling in the last phase on June 1, however the election fervour has already gripped the city residents.

The city looked immersed in the political hue of saffron, as hundreds of people were sporting and flaunting T-shirts, with ‘Har Dil Mein Modi’ inscribed on it.

Residents of Kandwa market in the city also organised a voter awareness programme wearing these T-shirts and appealed the fellow residents to exercise their franchise in the ongoing polls.

Many residents of Varanasi, the Lok Sabha constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, spoke about the progressive policies of the Modi government and enumerated reasons as to why they should give him a third term.

Holding placards and wearing saffron caps, many locals said that Varanasi has witnessed immense development over the past decade. They said that development looked like a ‘distant dream’ under the previous regimes but the same was getting realised under the Modi government.

“Success of schemes like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, Ujjwala Yojana, and Ayushman Yojana and Clean India campaign is firm evidence of the transformation under BJP rule, the locals emphasised and said that they are benefiting people to a great deal.

Holding the placards with ‘Har Dil Mein Modi’ slogans, a local said, “Before 2014, there were narrow streets, but after PM Modi came to power, he transformed this place. We are very happy and satisfied by his initiatives.”

Another local said, “From roads and electricity to water facilities, everything is being developed. The city has undergone huge transformation and we hope to see this change in the future also.”

“We have been getting free ration for past five years. Which leader does that for the public?” asked another local, sporting ‘Har Dil Mein Modi’ T-shirts.

“Spirituality has come alive in the city with initiatives like Baba Vishwanath corridor and cleaning of River Ganga,” asserted another set of locals.

They also mentioned that the cleanliness of the ghats is attracting more tourists and generating employment opportunities for the locals.

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