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India has democratised technology, aims to end digital divide: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said technology is meant to empower people from all strata of the society and India has achieved democratisation of new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to help millions of people especially in rural parts of the country.

In an exclusive conversation with Microsoft Co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates, PM Modi said that for him, the best use of technology is in areas like healthcare, agriculture and education.

“We have established 2 lakh ‘Ayushman Arogya Mandir’ across the country where people can get quality healthcare from medical specialists from best hospitals with the use of modern technology,” PM Modi told Gates.

Launched under the umbrella of Ayushman Bharat, Ayushman Arogya Mandir scheme has the goal to provide comprehensive, affordable and quality healthcare services to citizens across urban and rural areas.

The Namo Drone Didi and Lakhpati Didi initiatives are integral to the Prime Minister Modi’s vision of fostering economic empowerment and financial autonomy among women, especially in rural areas.

“When I speak to women involved in the ‘Namo Drone Didi’ initiative, they feel so happy that they could not ride a bicycle but now, they are using drones in the fields and have become innovators of modern agricultural methods,” PM Modi emphasised.

The Prime Minister further said that he will not let digital divide affect people in the country and India’s Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) is a shining example for the world.

“I want to give the best education to children with the use of new technologies. We should embrace digital technology to enhance daily life for everyone,” PM Modi added.

During his interaction with Gates, PM Modi covered a spectrum of critical topics ranging from AI to India’s impressive advancements in digital technology.

Their conversation delved into the transformative role of technology in healthcare, showcasing India’s innovative use of drones to empower the ‘Nari Shakti.’

They also explored India’s remarkable success in combating the Covid-19 pandemic with indigenously developed and produced vaccines, highlighting the nation’s self-reliance in crucial healthcare solutions.

Moreover, they touched upon India’s proactive stance in addressing climate change, underscoring the country’s commitment to sustainable development.

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