Fuel on Fire in India

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India stands at the crossroads of one of the biggest fuel crisis since Independence. Fuel prices, both diesel and petrol, have sky-rocketed with public crying for respite from all quarters. Sensing great opportunity for political mileage, the oposition stands united in slamming the government over record fuel hike.

What are the current fuel prices in major cities in India?
While the price of petrol stood at Rs 76.57 a litre in Delhi on Monday, diesel hit Rs 67.82 a litre, reflecting a rise of 33 paise and 25 paise through Sunday respectively.

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The price of petrol stood at Rs 79.24 in Kolkata, Rs 84.4 in Mumbai and Rs 79.47 in Chennai, as per the Indian Oil Corporation. As far as diesel is concerned, the price rose to Rs 70.37 in Kolkata, Rs 72.21 in Mumbai and Rs 71.59 in Chennai.

Does the government have a solution?
The government looks helpless as of now with ministers agreeing to the great agony that public, especially the middle classes are put through. Of course, such an unexpecetd price hike puts a lot of pressure on the middle classes who have to manage through the month in a desinated and pre-decided budget. According to a report published in the news portal The Quint, Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has said, “I accept that people of India and especially the middle-class families have to suffer a lot due to price hike of oil. It’s not in our hand. There is less production of oil in OPEC countries. The Indian government will soon come out with a solution.” But this seems little too less, too late as this government has a bad track record of patience with other dispensations. The current government in India has been pretty vocal in slamming oposition over fuel hikes when such things have happened in the tenure of other governments.

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