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NGO in Gujarat & Its Kitchen

n 1984, Gujarat became the second state after Tamil Nadu to implement the Mid-Day Meal Scheme. Over the years, it has been observed that this scheme has had significant improvement in the nutritional and educational status among children. According to 2011 Census, the literacy rate

How Can an NGO Bring Positive Change in Society?

‘Giving back to society’ is not an unheard phrase; in fact, it is quite cliched. Right from top legislators to the common man, everybody has spoken about and heard of this phrase time and again. So, what does it actually mean? To put it simply,

The Importance And Significance Of NGOs In India: Kanan James

The contemporary society of India is in the pinnacle of development both in terms of infrastructure and economy but despite every good that’s happening around us, the perils of poverty, gender inequality, vulnerability doesn’t seem to throw off their weights anytime. The most adversely affected

The Impact of Mid-day Meal in Gujarat: Akshaya Patra

Way back in 1984, Gujarat became the second state after Tamil Nadu to begin implementing the Mid-Day Meal Scheme. The main objective of the scheme was to provide freshly cooked meals to school-going children on every school day, completely free of cost. The scheme was

Happy Birthday?Mr. Trilok Singh, Founder of Youth Darpan

Trilok Singh Writing influence us, Globally or world wide. Added, Sunil Kumar, VSSKK NGO. You May see his Popular here; विद्या सागर समाजिक कल्याण केंद्र, भारत के अध्यक्ष और मैनेजिंग डायरेक्टर (त्रिलोक कुमार सिंह) को हमारी ओर से अन्नंत प्यार और शुभकामनायें. सर की वैश्विक