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मिलिए भारत के अगली पीढ़ी के बिजनेस टायकून से

रोशनी नाडर भारत की अरबपति बेटियों में रोशनी नाडर का नाम बड़े गर्व से लिया जाता है। यह दुनिया में मशहूर भारतीय अरबपति शिव नाडर की सुपुत्री हैं। इस समय वह 5 अरब डॉलर की टेक कंपनी HCL ग्रुप की सीईओ हैं। रोशनी स्काई न्यूज

What Indians think about Reservation?

Source: IASmind India: What are your views on caste based reservation system in India? «British colonized India for 100+ years, plundered the country’s wealth creating unequal opportunities on a global scale. We as next generation Indians deserve reservation in education/jobs in UK» I wonder how many upper-caste Indians would say 'No' to this. It’s

India to have over 850 mn online users by 2025

The Current Status of Internet users in the world 3, 691, 585, 020 Crossed, today till 9:25PM. India is expected to have more than 850 million online users by 2025, driven by availability and adoption of faster connections and more capable devices, a report by Boston Consulting Group."…it took nearly eight years for India’s


Hizbul Mujahideen leader and a global terrorist, Syed Salahuddin had in a video message called for celebration of Hafta-e-Shuhuda (martyrs' week) marking one year of the death of Hizbul terrorist Burhan Wani. Since Burhan Wani was killed by the Armed forces last year, there have been concerted attempts to keep the Kashmir valley

Which term is better: 'LGBT+' or 'MOGAI'?

By- Jordan Yates MOGAI sounds like the name of an all-powerful wizard. «I am Mogai, defender of the lost arts, ruler of great nations, protector of the realm, the unburnt, breaker of chains, father of dragons! All shall fear me!» Jeez. Sounds like the kind of guy I’d wish to be killed off really, really early on in the