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Daily Archives: August 9, 2018

In-orbit communication satellite delivered to Hong Kong firm

China’s commercial satellite launch company has completed in-orbit delivery of communication satellite “APSTAR-6C” to its Hong Kong customer, the Science and Technology Daily reported Wednesday. The satellite was developed by the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) and launched on May 4 this year by

Iran rejects talks with US over ‘erratic policies’

Iran has again ruled out any negotiation with the US, accusing it of pursuing “erratic policies” in dealing with the Islamic republic. “The Americans have never acted with sincerity, and President Donald Trump’s move and remarks to invite Iran for talks were merely a propaganda

Global Innovation Index, GII- 2018 launched in India

Government and industry must synergise their efforts to promote R&D and innovation in the country. This was stated by Shri. Ratan P Watal, Principal Adviser, NITI Aayog & Member Secretary of the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister at the India launch of Global

British defence secretary defends JCPOA despite Trump’s disdain

British Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has said here the current Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was the “best possible” and “achievable” deal to address the West’s concerns on Iran. Williamson’s comments on Tuesday were in sharp contrast with US President Donald Trump’s abhorrence of