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Daily Archives: May 25, 2018

Four years of the Modi’s government

Dear Prime Minister, We don’t deserve a person like you.Major portion of the country’s population is not valuing your work. You work for more than 16 hours a day.. Sacrificing your sleep for the betterment of this country.. But you will never receive appreciation for

North Korea collapses tunnels at nuclear test Site

North Korea has carried out the demolition of its nuclear test site in front of foreign journalists, according to the several reports. North Korea followed through on a pledge to blow up tunnels used for nuclear testing today, while the South Korean media reported, as

Union accuses Tesla CEO Musk of threatening workers

The United Auto Workers union has filed a complaint accusing Tesla chief executive Elon Musk of illegally threatening to take away benefits from workers who join the union. The UAW, which is seeking to represent workers at Tesla’s facility in Fremont, California, filed the complaint

Which is the best country to live in?

Norway is also in the list of Some of the happiest Nations in the World. The people of Norway are welcoming and Friendly. In Norway After ten years of compulsory schooling, students may go on to an upper secondary school and then to one of

Why is Israel becoming so much friendly with India?

Israel and India have developed close relations. In realpolitik there is no such a thing as too friendly. That being said the reason for good India Israel relations is the ability of India and Israel to identify with each other on various levels. Defense This