Greenberry Organics makes Natural Beauty Attainable through Completely Organic and Natural Beauty Solutions

Beauty is skin deep’, is just a part of the whole truth. A striking personality is only enhanced when coupled with a flawless and radiant physical appearance. The concept of natural beauty is subjective, but for many it means to look naturally attractive, without putting excessive effort. Millenials are much more aware of what is happening around them than the previous generation. They are more intolerant to the chemical ingredients added to their cosmetic products. Over the years ‘green beauty’ has stolen the thunder from harmful, chemically laden beauty treatments. According to a Harris Poll survey, a whopping 73% of millenial women prefer clean, all natural beauty products.

Growing concern for skin health, environmental issues and animal welfare has pushed millenials to take the natural route. Think about it, If organic and natural ingredients can do wonders for your body when consumed, imagine their benefits when applied on your skin. Millenials are particular about checking the packaging of the products they buy. They are more at ease when they sight natural, recognisable ingredients over complicated harmful chemical compositions.

Launched in 2017, Delhi based beauty startup Greenberry Organics wants to change India’s beauty regime using the powers of nature. Greenberry Organics is India’s first beauty brand to use 100% natural, biodegradable ECOCERT and USDA certified organic ingredients. They use internationally acclaimed, qualified and tested ingredients across all products. Each Greenberry Organics product is validated ‘Global Natural Standards’ which means that the same product can be sold throughout continents, as the products are made with the right set of ingredients validated and approved across multiple countries. They believe in being completely transparent about the ingredients used in their products. In 2016, the Founder of Greenberry Organics, Arjoon Mehra quit his job as a M&C Saatchi professional to devote himself completely to his startup.

Greenberry Organics shuns all artificial and synthetic ingredients and opens up the door to the endless bounties of nature. All Greenberry Organics products are 100% Paraben and Sulphate free, along with thirteen other toxins. Their  R&D process is 100% free of cruelty and animal testing. At the very moment, they are an internet only brand having a presence across all the major websites in India like – Nykaa, Purple, Amazon, Flipkart.

In March 2018, Greenberry Organics raised a seed funding of 5 million from Dr. Ritesh Malik. Speaking to Arjoon Mehra regarding expansion prospects, he said, “We have seen tremendous growth from the start and people have really appreciated our brand and efforts. From starting with 4 products on day 1, we ended our first year doing a turnover of around 1.25 crores. We are working hard on scaling the business and giving our brand more visibility. We are looking at entering the US & European market this year (2018). Followed by fostering strategic alliances for offline presence in major cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Kochi, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore etc.

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