Who controls Indian Media?

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”” text=”Write a Post” ] Writer, Kanwar Simar Singh.

The BJP controls the media especially Times Now, Republic TV, CNN NEWS 18 and India Today. The Rest are pro- Congress Communist like NDTV. Ram Jethmalani himself says Arun Jaitley controls the media.

The interesting part is Times Now, Republic TV and India TV are spreading hatred against minorities especially against Muslims and are trying to polarise the public.

The Times Now, Republic TV and India TV are acting like Doordarshan as during the Congress-rule during emergency and 1984 only this time all minorities Sikhs, Muslims, Christians and Dalits are being shown in the negative light.

The Fascist government at the centre is openly promoting hatred against all religions on TV and also on the social media like Facebook. All of the media is Baniya -owned and Brahmin controlled.

Non-issues are being given weightage rather than real issues like employment and development. The economy is reeling under the effects of demonetisation.
Communal hatred is being spewed by Bhakts everywhere. We are officially fascist intolerant country with an intolerant media.

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