Brazil is Moving Towards The Fourth Revolution

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The world has changed its course of development when it first appeared The steam engine, electrical power, and computer systems. Any progress becomes a new stage in the development and discovery of new innovations and their influence can not stop society. We are one step away from the fourth industrial revolution with a devolved power but who have prepared for it?

Technology is a very modern tendency, and for the majority of the population it is quite complicated to understand this area and some try to submit all the sources and knowledge for this new degree of technology. Consequently, each revolution has caused a major reapportionment of labor force replacing many menial jobs with new modern areas and people needed to retrain in this area if they wanted to meet new requirements. We can see some examples such as automated factories and drone deliveries which carry out all the tasks by a less costly but more efficient method compared to the human workforce.

It can not be ruled out that this industrial revolution will cause some changes in employment and some countries such as Brazil are looking for solutions to master this new trend and not to resign with this fact.

About 50 percent of Brazil’s manufacturing sector focuses on the development of digital sources with the hope that these automated systems will improve production level and management. This new development must not bring some results, but the investigations made on this subject are very agreeable, which demonstrates the need for skilled specialists to maintain the balance in the newly implemented systems.

At the Export Portal, we have the honor to review the successes of Brazil and wish them to achieve the goals. We made our own decisions in the industrial revolution by implementing our own blockchain system and relying on devolved power technology to bring sellers and buyers together in an accessible and transparent network. All legalized verification parts can track in real time where the goods are exported and where they are imported without mentioning who coordinates them, allowing for total liability in every action of the way. This example of technology is a very advanced one, but when the industry of the fourth level will be over the world’s powers, society will wonder how was possible life without it.

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