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Constitution, women will remain safe as long as Hindus are in majority: C T Ravi

BJP national General Secretary C T Ravi on Tuesday said the Constitution of India and women will remain safe as long as Hindus remain the majority in the country.

“Until Hindus are in majority in this country there will be the constitution written by Dr B R Ambedkar. Until Hindus are in majority there will be equal opportunity, once Hindus become minority what happened to Gandara (Afghanistan) will happen here too,” Ravi said.

Speaking to reporters here, he said, those who want to protect Ambedkar”s constitution should not forget “this truth”.

“Secularism and religious tolerance is our (Hindu) core belief. Until people with tolerance are in majority there will be secularism, there will be protection for women. Once people with tolerance become a minority, an Afghanistan like situation will get created…..Once they (non-Hindus) become majority they speak about Shariyat, not Ambedkar”s constitution,” he added.

Further, the MLA from Chikmagalur urged the Congress to “do politics objectively and stop appeasement politics.”

“Appeasement politics may lead to creation of more Pakistans, you may come to power temporarily, but it will lead to creation of more Pakistans. If you don”t want that to happen, do politics objectively and with a country first policy,” he said.

Ravi said, “it is unfortunate that the Congress today has forgotten the country-first policy, they have become blind and are unable to differentiate between patriotism and terrorism, and that”s the reason they try to equate RSS with Taliban.”

“We (BJP) will not indulge in appeasement politics, our only mantra is ”sabka saath sabka vikaas sabka vishwas sabka prayas”, on the basis of this mantra we will give priority to development, with commitment towards Hindutva,” he added.

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