Justice For Humanity

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The definition of humanity varies from person to person. To make it simple, humanity is just being kind to fellow creatures. But it has become more complex these days. Have you ever met a person who has no problems at all in life, I bet you didn’t. Every human has troubles and has their own way to handle it. But that doesn’t mean we need to forget humanity. Today the situation of the world is such that humans need to fight even for the basic rights. If the same situation continues, then the end of good things on earth is not far away.

Humanity is a quality that comes to every human naturally but disappears as we grow up. While taking real-time situations as an example, have you realized how your little help would put a smile on the face of a poor. To do humanitarian activities you don’t need to have a huge bank account. Saving a person from falling down, donating blood for the needy, helping the blind and disabled to cross the road. These kind of acts may seem simple but means the most for the helpless.

Why humanity is lost these days?

With the fast emerging world, people have no time left to take care of themselves and their family. Everyone is in the rush of life. This is not the matter of blame game. In one or the other point of life, we would have done non-humanitarian activities.

It is now time to wake the humanity hidden inside you. Do as much as you can for the betterment of the society. Don’t you feel good when you a see humanitarian activities happening around? If your answer is yes… then try and be a part of it. If no, try to be a better person.

Why Humanity is important?

Remember the saying “United we stand, divided we fall” if each and every person in the world responded for the other person’s problems, then about 90% of problems in the world will be solved. Human slavery, Child abuse, domestic violence etc. can be completely eradicated from the world. When serving humanity becomes the idea of life, then no place will be better than this world to live.

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