Human Right Programs in India to Enlighten The by Birth Privileged

Every human being wants to live life with honor and respect in the society. But we are not aware of certain privilege we are blessed with. During education students are taught about little moral values and human rights. It gives us minute ideas about our privilege and rights in the country. But it does not mean each and every individual know about these rights. However, different Human rights Programs in India are started with a motive to create awareness among citizens. It will assist people to understand taking advantages of their privilege when something happens wrong to them. These programs will help the people of India to get some knowledge about human rights.

India is truly known as the land of God, devotion, religion and we feel so happy to be a part of such a country. But when we come to know about something bad with our citizens, it feels shameless. There are so many people are evidence of discriminations, comparisons, and racism etc. But due to their unawareness towards human rights is the result of the mentioned issues. In order to take the privilege of human rights, it is necessary to understand those rights first.

Here is the list of some human rights explained below:

  • Right to live the life free of discrimination: An individual needs to understand that they live in an independent country. They deserve to live with dignity and honor, where no one can hurt the other person. Additionally, one cannot injure, kill or discriminate other. If it happens then the person will be punished.
  • Freedom from slavery: According to this right, one can work under for other or in his or her premises but the owner cannot save them. The labors are not forced to work if they are not agreed or ready to work. The boss or the owner cannot force or pressurize a person to work for them without their wish.
  • Freedom from torture and degrading treatment: It is another human right in which a person cannot torture physically or mentally. Additionally, one does not have any right to humiliate the other person. If anyone caught doing such acts will be punished by the public authorities. These authorities are needed to take appropriate action against the person doing such acts.

Apart from these rights, there are some social and economic human rights which a person is entitling for. These are right to education, right to adequate living standard, food, water etc. However, every individual belongs to the human rights no matter what their religion, gender, nationality etc. It is seen that, there are so many women face violence, abuse, and other issues after marriage. But they are not supposed to take any action against their greedy in-laws. In such situations, they need to understand their rights and take an appropriate action. We need to appreciate the human rights programs in India as they help a person to take stand for themselves against wrong.

Author, Siddhi Roy is living in India. Siddhi Roy is part of our authors community.

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