Montenegro Diplomats in to wear Khadi on their National Day

In much unique initiative, the Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC) will joined the National Day event of Montenegro, India on July 13. 2018 in the National Capital. The above event named as ‘Trendy Montenegro with ‘Indian Khadi’ will see diplomats, donning the hand-spun, hand-woven natural fibre.

KVIC Chairman, Vinai Kumar Saxena has said that the event will globalize the concept of the natural fabric which is a core property of Khadi. lt is a zero-carbon footprint industry that patronizes Indian artisans. Further, He said this event will promote the use of Khadi internationally with the Montenegrin and Euopean trends and designers, creating a global market for Khadi. KVIC will also work together with Montenegro in creating promotional commercial sales of its, products.

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Honorary Consul General of Montenegro in India, Dr Janice Darbari has expressed her happiness over KVIC collaborating with Montenegro, and said that goodwill and friendship in the diplomatic corps will be used to promote Khadi. She said that top diplomats, of many countries, who will participate tin the Montenegrin national day celebrations will get acquainted with Khadi.

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