Reverse Buyer Seller Meet (RBSM) was organised by the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) in association with PHDCCI, for promoting exports of grapes in Mumbai today. During the event APEDA in association with PHDCCI made a prognosis, stating that the exports of Indian grapes to China are likely to increase by 200% both in quantity and value terms by 2020.  Currently, the estimated exports of Indian grapes away to China are pegged at 600 metric tonnes.

Speaking on the occassion the Chairman, APEDA, Mr. Paban K. Borthakur shared the initiatives taken by APEDA for boosting exports and further assessment of exports scenario.  “APEDA is making efforts to expand its export market to China. The collective efforts of Ministry of Commerce and Industry through APEDA in association with the grape growing states, and the National Research Centre for grapes is making efforts to improve the quality of fresh grapes.  The promotional schemes of Central and State Governments will boost the export of Indian grapes and other tropical fruits”, the statement added.

Ms Zhong Lishan, From Guangdong China Imported food Association and the leader of the Chinese delegation in her presentation said that China is keen to increase import of grapes from India based on increasing demand for grapes in China which is at present from other destinations like Chile and USA.

The program was joined by Shri V Chaturvedi, Joint DGFT, representatives of the state horticulture department and National Research Centre Grapes. After this BSM and field visits to Vineyards in Nashik, it is expected that exports will rise to around 1000 MT (approx. 2.60 Million USD) this year and reach a level of 2000 MT, approximating a value of 5.2 USD by next year.

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