Republic Day parade highlights: India showcases military might, cultural diversity in Parade ground Rajpath

Narendra Modi interacts with people at Rajpath

11:51 (IST) Republic Day parade comes to an end

11:50 (IST) ASEAN leaders leave as R-Day parade ceremony at Rajpath ends

11:41 (IST) President’s bodyguard at Rajpath to escort President back to Rashtrapati Bhavan

Closing ceremony begins

Fulcrum formation at R-Day parade

Visuals of the flyby at R-Day parade

India’s Republic Day Parade – 26th January, 2018 – LIVE Video

Foreign delegates visit IIIDEM Campus

कासगंज हिंसा: सामने आया BJP सांसद का भड़काऊ भाषण देते हुए वीडियो, जानकारी के मुताबिक कल का है वीडियो