Top 5 most important events in history

By Steve Sharp

Its affects on the world. To ignore specific events would be folly, as one would be then ignoring the cause of the next events.

But here are my picks for the most important events in history. I’ll be writing in a count down.

Number 5: Creation of Islam and the Crusades.

Islam’s creation by Muhammad united most of Arabia under one banner. With this, he convinced people to war against the South-East Europeans. By the 10th century, the Europeans had enough of this, and the Pope called for a Holy War against the Muslims and to retake the Holy Lands. The Crusades were met with a varying degree of success, but the ordeal was a political and economical success.

The spices and silks brought back from the wars caused an up surge of worldly thought by many, and restored the idea of the arts in Europe. This was called the Renaissance, or “rebirth”. The Europeans didn’t have the spices and silks from India and China because of the silk road being cut off by the Muslims. This also caused the European powers to search for a quick way to India, which caused colonialism.

Number 4: Discovery of and use of gunpowder.

In the 9th Century, during the Ting Dynasty, gunpowder was invented/discovered by Chinese alchemists. Their use of the gunpowder for war caused much more powerful weapons, such as this rocket shown above.

Had gunpowder never been invented/discovered, there would be no guns, cannons, or other powerful and modern weaponry. Without gunpowder we would never have left spears and swords.

Number 3: Election of Adolf Hitler into the chancellorship of Germany in 1933.

This effectively started WWII and changed the world into what it is today.

Had Germany not been left so desperate after WWI and the Versailles treaty, the second World War would never have happened, as one of Hitler’s main reasons for starting the war was to abolish the Versailles treaty.

The Versailles treaty practically robbed Germany of everything, so it was a clear blame for Hitler.

Number 2: Creation, expansion, and dissolution of Rome.

Rome’s effects on the Western world are incalculable. Effects include:

  • Widespread use of Latin letters and the Romance languages in Europe.
  • Empires based on the Roman idea.
  • The Roman style of architecture is a symbol of wealth or government.
  • Roman numerals and sundials.
  • Early widespread conversion to Christianity.
  • And many, many more.

Without the Roman Empire, Europe would be unimaginably different.

Number 1: Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Regardless if you believe he is the Son of God and the Messiah or not, it is irrefutable that Jesus of Nazareth, the supposed Son of God, whose teachings got him killed, has made the world the way it is. Everything after his Crucifixion, everything that had come from Christianity boiled down to Jesus Christ. He is most certainly the most important person to exist to date. His crucifixion caused history as we know it.

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