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On 14 Aug, over 115 million people in Indonesia are connected on Facebook to friends, loved ones and businesses small and large. And mobile is their device of choice, with 97% accessing Facebook via the small screen. They’re using Facebook to share their favourite moments and express what matters, be it beautiful Balinese beaches or a simple dinner with the family. In particular, the community loves using Facebook in the following ways.

Indonesia loves sharing Whether it’s fashion or food, fitness or birthdays, this 115-million strong community is sharing more than ever — 3x the global average. And they comment 60% more than friends around the globe.

As Indonesians are actively engaged, it presents opportunities for people to discover the most relevant products and services on Facebook.

Indonesia loves groups

The Indonesian Facebook community is also passionate about connecting with and learning more about their interests, hobbies and even businesses and brands. Two of every three Indonesians are part of a group, with the largest focused on buy and sell communities, automobiles and animals/pets.

Indonesia loves businesses

In Indonesia, people love staying in touch with businesses and brands in addition to their family and friends. Over 60% of them are connected to a local business, and 42% of people in the country are connected to at least one business in a foreign country. Be it local start-ups or brands across borders, people love learning about the stories and products from businesses. And this behaviour isn’t limited to urban cities like Jakarta. Over 3 in 4 Indonesia Facebook users are based outside the capital city and stay plugged in to businesses.
Indonesians are doing incredible things on Facebook to support one another, celebrate Indonesian culture and open up new opportunities for themselves. We are committed to helping Indonesians connect with the people, moments and businesses that matter the most to them.