Tips for dealing in stock market

Investing in stock market has never been so much lucrative as it has been in recent past. There are many factors behind this whole thing like FDIs investment, global sentiments and demonetization apart from all this stable government.

But to deal in stock market there are certain basic rules which needs to be followed.

First and foremost thing is to have a Demat account and investment. Before investing any sum it is advisable to calculate your risk appetite. After making an investment it is good to start investing in stocks although there are many other options also available for starting investment like mutual funds but for a new investor it is very difficult to judge that where he/she should invest money in mutual funds. Stocks with familiar name sounds more convenient e.g SBI,Reliance.Everyone is familiar with these kind of name so the first instinct is to invest in familiar name although investing in familiar names may be some time risky and picking stock for investment is also a tough task. But no worries there are many stuffs available on internet for basic knowledge or you can follow our recommendations and learning with earning will be done.

As when investment is done there are certain rules to trade also which are stated below:

  • Trade less with proper target and SL.
  • Don’t be greedy and emotional while trading.
  • Always trade with strict SL because no one can predict market.
  • Book your profit whenever your target is reached.
  • Always trade with a trailing SL (stop loss).
  • If no. of trades are more than one then invest equally on each trades.
  • Be aware about market trend and remain updated towards daily NEWS.
  • Remain aware about your style of trading and risk taking capacity.
  • You will not become rich in one day always remember this.
  • Don’t be a gambler rather be a smart investor.
  • Last but not the least take advice from reputed company if you are not confident.

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