What should be the strategy of India against China in the war?

Above are two pictures, one is that of a chess board (symbolizing India’s way of thinking) and the second picture is that of a game called GO (An essential board game that every Chinese military officer plays).

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GO is one of the essential arts that every Chinese strategist plays in his life time. its the foundation of the Chinese thought and an essential foundation to Sun Tzu’s Art of war that every Chinese official follows. GO is a game that doesn’t believe in face to face confrontation. It simply believes in acquiring as much territory as possible as a factor of victory. While chess is the art of confrontation, it talks about out maneuvering your opponent in a face to face confrontation. In GO the winner is the one who patiently out maneuvers his opponent in multiple ways till one doesn’t realize that he has been out cornered slowly. Its a game of acquiring as much territory as possible and not causing as many casualty as possible as is the foundation of chess’s way of thinking.

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The problem is that India military strategy is the chess way of thinking and Chinese Military which is heavily inspired by Sun Tzu’s ART OF WAR believes in the GO strategy. China will never want to have a face to face confrontation, no matter how much military fire power it has as SUN TZU says, a wise general is the one who feigns a attack some where but wins a war some where else. It is important for us to understand that the war will not be fought in Doklam or Ladakh, it shall be played at a different terrain, at a different arena. The China’s focus on territory as a part of GO strategy is evident in the South China sea. In India,the war is not in Doklam but is being played in the economic arena, which it uses as a chip to keep on getting a bigger piece of India’s economy daily.

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India’s military brass, its military way of thinking has to evolve from the chess way of thinking to the GO way of thinking.

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While China might want to outmaneuver India’s strategy by tricking us into believing that the small skirmishes shall be leading to a war, it silently would be developing schemes of which CPEC is a part. The problem however with China is that it acts like a bully in the international arena, but blinded by its aspiration to be a regional super power it has forgotten one very important SUN TZU’s principle “A long war is never a solution” . China’s strategy to keep on pushing for economic dominance has acquired one of the world’s highest debts because of its one sided strategy to enter world market by dominating the manufacturing sector. India should focus on certain facts like the one above, the way by which China can be countered not on the field of war but in the points where it gets hurt the most. It is China’s profit if we keep on focusing on Pakistan and consider China an imminent threat and not an immediate threat. Thus our focus should shift to viewing China as an immediate threat, then only will our military brass think like the Chinese, move like the Chinese and above all irritate them in their own game.

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