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Technology Trends Shaping Future For Small Businesses

Are you the owner of a small business? Need to look for the bold and innovative moves that lead companies around the world are making to drive success? Technology continues to revolutionise small business, and for those ready to embrace the opportunity, future seems to

From insurance to GPS for car devices

Once upon a time, young drivers were certainly frowned upon. Countless studies showed that they were more likely to encounter a crash than any other group on the road, and all of this made a lot of drivers especially wary of them. While the above

The New Instagram feature is all set to transform Stories

The popular photo and video sharing app, Instagram, is all set to transform how users interact with its ‘Stories’ feature. Instagram’s next big ‘Stories’ feature, their official reshare button, could let users compliment or trash other people’s feed posts, or embed a “see post” button