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Since old commodore 64 to this 21st century’s latest apple gadgets, technology has been always trending. Recently 2016 had its share of important technological breakthroughs that changed how we live, work, and play. Many technologies made a big comeback in 2016 and are sure to get hotter this year. The biggest impact has come from Information and Communication Technologies the computers, mobile telephones & satellite communications at the core of the modern info societies

There is a myriad of tech trends that is changing our lives, here are the top five technologies you should keep an eye on:

1. IOT (Internet of Things)
The Internet of Things has been on just everybody’s list for years. In theory, IOT is supposed to connect all our devices together, making them sing in a glorious technological harmony. The next breakthrough capability we are providing is to enable IOT devices themselves to evolve. Whereas, it also gains access of cyber-criminal activities to the network which can harm individual’s life or company’s operation. This should be stopped by cyber security policies & guidelines.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Automation
Artificial Intelligence along with automation is advancing rapidly, to the point where the associated press now has machine writing full earning reports. Marketers rely on content more than ever as a linchpin of their strategies. AI technology takes structured data and converts into texts. If automation combined with machine learning, everything can improve even faster.
3. Cloud computing
Cloud computing is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet. It enables companies to consume a compute resource such as a virtual machine or an app, as a utility. Hybrid cloud is a combination of public services and on-premises private –Cloud –with orchestration & automation.
4. Digital World Blur
Virtual Reality being a big hit within few years is going to enhance its optimization in upcoming era. But you can’t walk around the real world with a headset on. So called augmented reality, where virtual objects and information are displayed on the top of physical world will make its way to our phones.
As POKEMON GO showed us in 2016, there is a huge appellate for well-designed augmented reality games.

5. Physical Digital Integration
Mobile devices have added the technology into our daily lives. Now-a-days we already have options like online-purchasing, enabling online customers to buy and pick up in a physical retail location. What can add in the physical digital integration is like Amazon adding up feature like Dash buttons and Wal-Mart’s with more digital features like store maps and product trials.