The Incursion that Shook the Digital World

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Off late, the internet world has been hamstrung by a series of cyber attacks and the latest incursion that has crippled the cyber world is the Petya ransomware attack.  This malicious software is spreading at an alarming rate using Eternal Blue, a hacking tool that exploited a bug in the Microsoft Windows. This was the same tool used by Wannacry ransomware that caused the recent strain.

The Petya ransomware is kind of a worm that proliferates and attacks all the connected computers in an organisation’s network. It differs from the quintessential ransomwares as it not only encrypts files but also overwrites it and encryts the information on the hard disk.
This global massive attack started with an infected update by an Ukranian software company ‘MeDoc’. It then torpefied systems across Ukraine, Russia, India and US.
These ransomwares begin by encrypting the computers and then by asking for ransoms in Bitcoins in return for a digital key to unlock the files.
So, in order to take precaution, a cyber security researcher has come up with a one button tool that could detect systems in a network that is vulnerable to the ‘Eternal Blue’ exploit.

Even major antivirus softwares have come up with updates to detect and protect the computers from such ransomwares. Updating the Windows atleast to the March 2017 patch would also help in protecting your computers from such ransomwares.

Usually when these ransomwares affect the computers, it takes about an hour to reboot the computer. At such instance, turn off your computers immediately, because this is the period it encrypts the files.
So, incase you come across a message like the above, then immediately turn off the PC and diconnect it from the internet. Format the hard drive and reinstall the files from your back up storage. Remember, backing up files and keeping the antivirus up-to-date is the key to a secure network.