The Fault in Politics of Bihar

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The BJP juggernaut is rolling in most part of the country and Bihar is another acquisition in the line. The way things turned out, so rapidly that it was flurry of several activities and in the end the Nitish Kumar became the Chief Minister of Bihar once again and that also within the span of just 24 hours.
Nitish Kumar has been the CM of Bihar since 2005. Earlier in both of the of his tenures he was in alliance with BJP. And it was because of BJP’s support that he became the winner. He has been known for his Integrity and Honesty in the politics of Bihar.

In 2015 his sudden opposition of Narendra Modi and then the decision of forming the GreatAlliance was a big move. It should be kept in consideration that his party got nearly 41% votes and Lalu Yadav led RJD got 45% votes in the 2015 elections.

Mr. Lalu Prasad has always been the most popular leader of the Bihar and this is evident in the response of the people towards him. He has ruled the politics of Bihar for more than a decade before moving towards the central cabinet ministry and becoming the Minister of Railways in 2004.

A power-hungry man, whose connections are known with the people with criminal backgrounds. And later on he was convicted in the Fodder Scam and Disproportionate assetscase.

The political situation in Bihar took an interesting turn when most of the members of the Lalu Yadav’s family were accused of owning more assets then they declared or simply disproportionate in amount. Suddenly everyone was caught in this whirlwind, his daughter, sons, being held and questioned for several hours.

And this scenario created a lot of problem for Nitish Kumar, so in a very dramatic shift of the events he resigned from the post of the CM of Bihar thus breaking the grand alliance which was his dream and which made him CM. He suddenly left the alliance which gave him POWER. This was really a very curios move made and the media world was still guessing the consequences of this act on the politics and his career.

Then came the tweet shell dropped by the Hon’ble PM himself- Congratulating Him on his great move. And next morning it was announced that he is taking the oath of the CM of the Bihar with a huge support from BJP led NDA.

And the revelation dawned on the nation that it was all well-planned and well executed act.

And this act of Nitish Kumar of breaking the Mahagathabandhan and dragging himself farther away from Lalu Prasad led RJD and returning back to the cave of BJP has made him an Opportunistic in the eyes of most of the people.

He never would have resigned as the Chief Minister of Bihar if he would not have been very assured of coming back to the same position again.

Now he is ready with his new innings as the CM, but his this step clearly reveals his love of Power and it would have great impact in the future. The impacts are going to be really very serious in the future politics of Bihar.

The Role of BJP

BJP is already gaining power and his coalition with the Nitish government has already  been proved as another nail in the Chariot of Power, which it is driving all over the country.

The way government was formed shows what NDA can do and make others to do.

Nitish Kumar was considered as the one of the most important leaders of Opposition and now since he has joined hands with the BJP, the opposition has already weakened and his recent statement of his “no confidence” in Lalu Prasad but also in the Rahul Gandhi’s leadership and potential says it all.

Let us see what new turn of events are unfolding in future.
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