North Korea has fired a ballistic missile from the capital Pyongyang that has flown over northern Japan, prompting strong reactions from its neighbours and the US.

We can say that, North Korea is gathering data and making adjustments to perfect their missiles and nuclear capability via launches. Yes, It is also a demonstration to the World at large that they have the power and expertise to protect themselves, retaliate and not put up with any outside aggression. Further, If there is an accident, or purposeful attack on foreign land or the loss of life from any NK launches the World will retaliate. I would imagine the World’s allies would shoot down any NK missile that had a trajectory headed to land. If the NK missile is successful I would think the World’s allies would wait to determine if it is nuclear or high explosives. Then the World will respond in like. Whether one bomb, or to wipe out all military ability of NK is a tough question.

Potentially, even MORE sanctions on top of those that were recently sent through the UN. However, if NOKO continues to violate Japanese airspace like this, Japan may consider some sort of unilateral response, and although I’m not advocating that course of action, they’d be well within their rights to do so.

Also, even though the vote to sanction NOKO was unanimous, my money says either China, or Russia, or both (both are also on the UN security council), are helping the north with their nuclear program. There’s no way in hell they’re moving this fast with their program on their own.

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I do think, however, it will take something a lot more drastic from the north for us to mount an armed response. Having said that, the imbecile running the north seems to be pushing for exactly that. While he thumps his chest, half of the world is in fear of ww3. I’d like to take this moment to thank Bill Clinton for allowing the north to start this program, and also Obama for his nuclear deal with Iran, which, in my opinion, is not only one of the worst pieces of diplomacy this country’s history, but one of the worst in the world over the last 150 years.

Moreover, David Wright of the Union of Concerned Scientists said: “Like the August 28 test, this test appears to have been a Hwasong-12 missile launched from a site near the Pyongyang airport. “The missile followed a standard trajectory – rather than the highly lofted trajectories North Korea used earlier this year – and it flew over part of the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.”


Wright added: “The range of this test was significant since North Korea demonstrated that it could reach Guam with this missile, although the payload the missile was carrying is not known.” Guam lies 3,400 km from North Korea. North Korea has identified the US Pacific territory as a target due to the presence of US forces at Anderson air force base.

What happened?

  • North Korea has launched another missile over Japan, a day after it threatened to “sink” the country and turn the US “into ashes and darkness”.
  • The missile – which was fired from Sunan, just north of Pyongyang, on Friday morning at 6.57am Japanese local time (21.57 GMT Thursday) – flew over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido before landing, 20 minutes after launch, in the Pacific Ocean, 2,200km east of Cape Erimo.
  • The US and South Korea said they believed it to be an intermediate-range ballistic missile, although the Japanese foreign minister Taro Kono said it could be an intercontinental ballistic missile, which has a significantly greater range and which Pyongyang claimed to have tested successfully in July.
  • Friday’s launch was the longest-ever such flight carried out by the rogue regime, and travelled 3,700km – 800km further than the previous launch over Japan, in August.
  • The US Pacific territory of Guam, which Kim Jong-un has threatened to attack, is 3,400km from North Korea. But the US military said the direction of the missile meant the island was not at risk.
  • Experts said it was likely to be another Hwasong-12 missile, as used in the August test.
  • People living in regions near the missile flight path in Hokkaido received two text alerts on Friday morning, the first warning them to seek shelter, and the second giving an all-clear.

The reaction

  • The United Nations security council will hold an emergency meeting on Friday; just days ago it approved tougher sanctionsagainst the regime.
  • The Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, slammed the launch as “utterly unacceptable”: If North Korea continues to walk this road, there will be no bright future. We need to get North Korea to understand that.
  • South Korea fired two ballistic missiles in a show of strength against the North. One of the Hyunmoo-2 missiles “accurately hit” a target 250km away in the Sea of Japan, simulating the distance between its launchpad and Sunan. But the second missile fell into the water “in the initial stage”.
  • There has been no official response from the White House or from Donald Trump, although officials said the US president had been briefed.
  • The US secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, said China and Russia must take “direct actions” to contain and deter Kim.
  • Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull called the launch “another dangerous, reckless, criminal act by the North Korean regime”, labelling it a sign of Kim’s frustration at being hit with further sanctions. Foreign minister Julie Bishop said North Korea was gaining greater capability with each test.
  • And Air Force General John E Hyten, commander of US nuclear forces, said his assumption is that North Korea’s most recent nuclear test, on 3 September, was a hydrogen bomb.

North Korea fires 2nd ballistic missile over Japan

BBC : South Korea’s military said the missile reached an estimated altitude of about 770km (478 miles) and travelled 3,700km before landing in the sea off Hokkaido. Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe said his country would “never tolerate” such “dangerous provocative action”. “If North Korea continues to walk down this path, it has no bright future,” he said in a statement.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also condemned the launch, which contravened UN sanctions. He put the burden of response on China and Russia, nuclear-armed North Korea’s main economic partners, saying they “must indicate their intolerance for these reckless missile launches by taking direct actions of their own”.

Military maneuvers to intimidate Kim. Just things to scare Kim. Democrats’ accusations that Trbump is crazy might help scare Kim too. They did the same with Nixon, as they tried to portray Nixon as mentally unstable to scare North Vietnam into a peace treaty. It worked, until Gerald Ford, Congress & Democrats helped North Vietnam violate the peace agreement.

September 15, 2017 Updates

  • North Korea has fired a ballistic missile from the capital Pyongyang that has flown northern Japan.
  • Yoshihide Sug, said Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, said the projectile was launched at 6:57am local time on Friday (21:57 GMT Thursday) and flew over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido before falling into the Pacific Ocean – 2,000km east of Cape Erimo.
  • It splashed down at 7:16am local time (22:16 GMT).
  • “Japan protests the latest launch in the strongest terms and will take appropriate and timely action at the United Nations and elsewhere, staying in close contact with the United States and South Korea,” Suga said.
  • South Korea’s defence ministry said the missile travelled about 3,700km and reached a maximum altitude of 770km – both higher and further than previous tests.
  • The ministry said the South’s military conducted a live-fire ballistic missile drill in response to the North’s launch.

Trump may get a peace treaty, but watch his critics sabotage any peace. Eisenhower ended the Korean war by threatening to nuke North Korea. That might be the solution. North Korea knew Truman wouldn’t do it, as Truman fired MacArthur, but they were scared of Eisenhower. North Korea, for all it’s bravado & threats, really is scared of Trump. Unlike North Korea’s view of pathetic American presidents from Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama. Few source with quora community.. North Korea is never far from the media spotlight, as the rogue state’s nuclear weapons programme gathers momentum and its war of words with the United States threatens to spiral out of control….