First Part of Budget Session, 2018 of Parliament concludes

The Budget Session, 2018 of Parliament commenced on Monday, 29th January, 2018 and subject to exigencies of government business, will be adjourned sine die on Wednesday, 6th April, 2018. Both the Houses of Parliament have adjourned today, 9th February, 2018 for recess for a period of 23 days and will reassemble on Monday, 5th March, 2018. During the recess, the Departmentally related Standing Committees will examine the Demands for Grants relating to various Ministries/Departments.

The first part of the Budget Session yielded a total of 7 sittings of Lok Sabha and 8 sittings of the Rajya Sabha. The productivity of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in terms of utilization of time during the first part of Budget Session is 134.61% and 96.31% respectively.
The Budget Session, 2018 being the first Session of the year, President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, addressed the joint sitting of both Houses of Parliament on 29th January, 2018. The Motion of Thanks on the President Address in Rajya Sabha was moved by Shri Amit Shah and seconded by Dr. Vinay P. Sahasrabuddhe and in Lok Sabha it was moved by Shri Rakesh Singh and seconded by Shri Prahlad Venkatesh Joshi. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi replied to the debate on the Motion of Thanks to President’s Address in both the Houses. It was discussed and adopted by the two Houses during first part of the Session.

During the first part of the Session, the Union Budget for 2018-19 was presented on Thursday, the 1st February, 2018. General Discussion on the Budget was held in both the Houses. Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley replied to the discussion on the Budget in both Houses.

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