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You Can Change the World

Each generation expands on the discoveries and ideas of its predecessors and looks for the unique impact it can leave on humanity. Some of the biggest ideas that changed the world began with the smallest observations and deepest questions. When people truly begin to examine

Migration make or break issue for Europe

Migration could be a “make or break” issue for the European Union (EU), German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday ahead of a critical EU summit. She pressed the German parliament to back a tough but humane asylum and migration policy for the EU, warning

How Samsung is gunning for the high-end market with its 2018 range of TVs

Despite facing myriad economic and sociological problems, the fastest growing economy in the world, India, has seen tremendous growth in the consumer tech sphere. After becoming the world’s fastest-growing smartphone market, and recently eclipsing the United States to become the second-most popular place for smartphone