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Major Debates around Article 370

Debate regarding article 370 is not new . Article 370 (360A) is the result of instrument of accession signed between Maharaja Hari Singh and Dominion of India  which he was forced to sign due to invasion of Pakistan army into Kashmir territory. Meanwhile, L K

Migration make or break issue for Europe

Migration could be a “make or break” issue for the European Union (EU), German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday ahead of a critical EU summit. She pressed the German parliament to back a tough but humane asylum and migration policy for the EU, warning

Eid-ul-fitr 2018: The Confusion Over The Date

The Confusion over the date of Eid-Ul-Fitr 2018 is because Muslim celebrates the festival after the ‘new moon’ appears either 29 days of fasting or 30 days. The moon was not sighted today. So, that means the Eid will be celebrated on June 16, 2018 in the

Who is a Hindu?

Countless people across the world ask me : “Have you converted to Hinduism?” The question is understandable. After all, people don’t often behold an American woman of Jewish ancestry draped in the saffron robes of a Hindu renunciant. However, although the question is simple, the

IPS Amit Tolani’s 2nd Inspirational Script, Only Available On IASmind

DOWNLOAD IN PDF, TWO INSPIRATIONAL SCRIPTS OF IPS AMIT TOLANI NOW AVAILABLE ON IASMIND.COM Importance of Test Solving आईपीएस अमित तोलानी (आईएएस रैंक 151): परीक्षा हो या जीवन हो एक चीज़ बहुत महत्वपूर्ण होती है की हमें गलतियां जल्द से जल्द पता लगे और उनपर हम

The Latest Story of India’s Rural Transformation, Trilok Singh

Download in PDF on, The Latest Story of India’s Rural Transformation, Trilok Singh Abstract As we know that, rapid rural employment growth and agriculture growth were always the main focus of India’s top policy makers. In order to this; Education, Health, human security as well