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Mission on Moon and Mars

Chandrayaan-2 is a totally indigenous mission with Orbiter, Lander and rover configuration. Orbiter is to be placed in 100 km orbit around the Moon. After reaching the 100 km lunar orbit, the Lander will be separated from the orbiter and it will soft land on

Pending Defence Deals

Capital Acquisition of defence equipment is undertaken in accordance with the extant Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) which incorporates provisions to ensure the highest degree of probity, public accountability, impartiality and transparency in the procurement process.  It envisages signing of an Integrity Pact between Government and

Atomic Clock: Department of Space

A navigation satellite, IRNSS-1I is scheduled for launch using PSLV launch vehicle in April 2018. Atomic clock of IRNSS-1A has become non-functional, but the satellite is being used for providing messaging services like disaster alerts, potential fishing zones information dissemination to fishermen, etc. IRNSS-1I will

From insurance to GPS for car devices

Once upon a time, young drivers were certainly frowned upon. Countless studies showed that they were more likely to encounter a crash than any other group on the road, and all of this made a lot of drivers especially wary of them. While the above