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What Indians think about Reservation?

Source : IASmind India: What are your views on caste based reservation system in India? “British colonized India for 100+ years, plundered the country’s wealth creating unequal opportunities on a global scale. We as next generation Indians deserve reservation in education/jobs in UK” I wonder


Hizbul Mujahideen leader and a global terrorist, Syed Salahuddin had in a video message called for celebration of Hafta-e-Shuhuda (martyrs’ week) marking one year of the death of Hizbul terrorist Burhan Wani. Since Burhan Wani was killed by the Armed forces last year, there have

How the Common Man ends up with Black Money

Black money is the word on everyone’s mind in India. The moment we think of the word, we think of politicians, we think of government officials and we do not forget to think of corrupt businessmen. While each of this is valid, there is a

The Fault in Politics of Bihar

The BJP juggernaut is rolling in most part of the country and Bihar is another acquisition in the line. The way things turned out, so rapidly that it was flurry of several activities and in the end the Nitish Kumar became the Chief Minister of Bihar

Why Is Right-Wing Populism On The Rise Across The World?

What’s Right Wing –  Trilok Singh, “My group better than that group.” It is an emotional and sentimental approach of superiority towards solving complex issues. Populism is a worldwide revolt of the majority. So, how do you boost that – You spread propaganda which makes you

Mahagathbandhan Crisis

In Bihar-Style, Nitish Kumar Says that, Mahagathbandhan can defeat BJP in 2019. Further, They would prove successful in the next parliamentary polls. But i think now the complexity between RJD and Nitish Kumar are becomes so critical today. To a question about whether his party

Modi To Yogi, Post-Modi Era

  TRILOK SINGH : India, Hope so UP CM Yogi Adityanath is under training for PM after 2024. Hope he continues to work for benefit of all Indians in order to Development, Fee Education, Free Health Care, Human Security, infrastructure and make India as a remarkable

Lalu Vs Nitish : Modi Offer In Bihar

TWEET OF TRILOK SINGH ON 14 July, 2017 मुझे तोह लग रहा है की कंही बिहार CM नितीश कुमार सरकार से इस्तीफा न दे दे.. मोदी ऑफर हाहा..#Mahagathbandhan Crisis# — Trilok Singh (@beingtrilok) July 14, 2017 Salute, Salute and Salute#No words#JAI HIND… This is the

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