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How can we save India from caste-and religion-based crises?

Untill and unless we ensure that people get to know the truth, It is not possible. The god is one and it is same in all religions and scriptures. The root is one. They need logic to understand why all are equal and older caste system is not anymore valid. Brahmin is a person who walks on the path

What Indians think about Reservation?

Source: IASmind India: What are your views on caste based reservation system in India? «British colonized India for 100+ years, plundered the country’s wealth creating unequal opportunities on a global scale. We as next generation Indians deserve reservation in education/jobs in UK» I wonder how many upper-caste Indians would say 'No' to this. It’s

Casteism Has Reached The Pinnacle Of Our Politics And Society: Vision 2019

Trilok Singh, Highlighting Presidential Election 2017: BJP is preparing a strong base target for upcoming General Election by projecting a «Dalit» candidate with no corruption background, a clean face or we can say Mr. perfect face and also a Hard Core BJP Member. If we want to a prosperous country then we need not discriminate people or community by using these