Loss of Rs 25,000, Must read for everyone who have SBI debit card

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It has been stressed a lot many times by the State Bank of India (SBI), that sharing your ATM Card is non-transferable. In fact, the rule from SBI mentions that no one other than the account holder should use it. However, a woman from Bangalore who was on her maternity leave learnt the SBI’s rule the hard way. As reported by The Times of India, the incident dates back to November 14, 2013, when Vandana, who was pregnant at that time gave her debit card to her husband, Rajesh Kumar to withdraw a sum of Rs 25,000 from an SBI ATM nearby. To withdraw the money, Vandana provided the ATM PIN to her husband. But the series of events took a different when the ATM machine showed a slip where it mentioned that the money was debited, however, the sum of money was never released from the ATM!

When the ATM failed to dispatch the money, husband Rajesh gave a call to the bank and mentioned the happening. However, the bank responds that the ATM machine was at fault and the money would be reverted to the account within 24 hours, reports Times of India. However, even after days the money never made back to the account. Rajesh made a visit to the SBI’s Helicopter Division branch at HAL and lodged a formal complaint. However, this is where the story took a mew turn as SBI allegedly shut down the case in a matter of few days. The bank stated that the transaction was correct and the customer received the sum of money.

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The couple managed to get the CCTV footage of the date when Rajesh went to take out the money from the ATM. The footage allegedly shows Rajesh at the ATM and that no money was dispatched from the machine. The couple again lodged a complaint with the bank. This time, an investigation committee was formed at the bank which ruled that account and cardholder Vandana was not seen in the footage. SBI recalled their ‘non-transferable’ rule and claimed that the account holder was not the ATM user, and thus it holds the right to turn down the money claims made by the couple.

In the meantime, Vandana got her hands on the cash verification report of that particular ATM for the date November 16, 2013, through an RTI. The cash verification report from that ATM mentions an excess cash of Rs 25,000 in the machine. Following this, the cash verification report was submitted to the court. However, SBI counsel produced another report which fails to show any excess cash. Before heading towards the consumer forum, Vandana and Rajesh made a final plea to the bank, who stated, ‘PIN shared, case closed.’ Added, InformalNewz.

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