Bring Your Site Into Limelight by Social Bookmarking

Internet users who need to search, manage, organize, and store online bookmarks of various resources, Social marketing is the best option, where the referred bookmarks are shared and not their content, different from file sharing. In order to allow users to browse the content of the resource, rather than downloading the full thing, you can add descriptions to the booknarks, called metadata. These free metadata can be comments in text, tags or votes, which are together called folksonomy or else known as social tagging, where many users attach description to the shared matter.

Users, in any social bookmarking system, save links to web pages they frequent and wish to share or remember. These bookmarks, though public, can be saved for private use and shared inside a particular network and certain groups of people, who can view these bookmarks through a search engine or tags or categories.

Majority of social bookmarking services pushes users to arrange their bookmarks via informal tags instead of the conventional method of folders in a browser-based system. However, some services of bookmarks may also comprise of categories or folders or a combination of both along with tags. They also permit screening of associated bookmarks of a selected tag with info about how many have tagged them. Various services also obtain conclusions from link of tags to develop a bookmark or tag group.

Web feeds for the lists of bookmarks organized by tags are provided by many social bookmarking services, which alerts the members of the new bookmarks shared, saved, and tagged by other subscribers. This is massively used in Libraries to provide a host of informative links to regulars.

Social bookmarking, with its rise in popularity, have incorporated extra elements like commenting and rating on bookmarks, permission to impost and export and emailing of bookmark from browsers, web annotation and etc.

How to increase Traffic from Social Bookmarking Sites

All your efforts can be washed out, if your site doesn’t have enough traffic. Social bookmarking is one of the numerous methods of ensuring some real exposure of your website. To improve the traffic for your site, here are some tips:

  • Social bookmarking sites thrive on community. So asking your friends to visit your page and go through the content can help. If they “like” the content, they ca surely vote for the page, which might contribute to some popularity.
  • Put your USP (unique selling point) as keywords in your title, instead of some URL. These keywords will attract the attention of people and various search engines.
  • Get a good profile image, which will be striking and interesting enough to be remembered.
  • Keep the titles and descriptions concise, as people get bored of reading long matters.

Thus, with these points in tow, you are ready to increase traffic in your social bookmarking website.

Author, Tania B Parsons is living in United Kingdom. Tania B Parsons is part of our authors community.

Written by Parkash Singh

IAS Aspirant's and Author and Publisher on Youth Darpan.

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