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After having gone through a long a tedious process of proposals, discussions, debates, hard-work and serious efforts of every person involved from its budding stage to its matured form, GST rolled out in our country. At the stroke of midnight hour on 30th june 2017

The Fault in Politics of Bihar

The BJP juggernaut is rolling in most part of the country and Bihar is another acquisition in the line. The way things turned out, so rapidly that it was flurry of several activities and in the end the Nitish Kumar became the Chief Minister of Bihar

Digitalization Of Love❤

Trilok Singh, Founder and CEO at IASmind and India’s Journals at Love place, Taj Mahal. Trilok Singh, love in India has undergone huge change in the wake of Digitalization; Moreover, LPG, More specifically in the context of Digital world. According to my/our understanding; now, we

Why Is Right-Wing Populism On The Rise Across The World?

What’s Right Wing –  Trilok Singh, “My group better than that group.” It is an emotional and sentimental approach of superiority towards solving complex issues. Populism is a worldwide revolt of the majority. So, how do you boost that – You spread propaganda which makes you

farmers’ suicides In India

The institutional barrier comprising governance, the quality of public systems, and economic policies has become the most serious impediment to agriculture growth. THERE IS a widespread perception that unbearable burden of debt and increased competition from imports are symptomatic of a crisis in Indian agriculture.

Why is India’s Taj Mahal turning green?

A great discussion with the famous environmentalist scientists and professors like Dr. Agrahari’s Sir (Scientist, Delhi IIT), Dr. Dheraj Sir (KMC, DU), Dr.V.P.S Malik (Shivaji, DU), etc… After a very hard discussions and with the source/help of ARCHAEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA, and Department of tourism, Government of

I to I : India and Israel Vision

Press Statement by Prime Minister on arrival in Tel Aviv (July 04, 2017) Pre-Dinner Press Statement by Prime Minister at Residence of Prime Minister of Israel (July 04, 2017) India–Israel relations refers to the bilateral ties between the Republic of India and the State of